Friday, November 23, 2012


I am so angry with myself. I want to be sick but I can't without my boyfriend hearing so I am laying in bed sulking that I have had a shit day.

I have eaten:-

Breakfast - 2 bits of toast and butter
Lunch - A ice lolly
Dinner - Cheese pasta with roasted vegetables, 2 slices of bread
Snacks - Half a big bar of Galaxy chocolate, pitta bread with butter, half a bag of sweets and loads of Ritz crackers



  1. It's ok. Make tomorrow better. I had a bad day today too, but we can make tomorrow better. I'm Shauna btw, just started following your blog. I love the color scheme. Follow me too if you like!

    1. Hey :) Thanks for the add! I would love to follow your blog but it won't let me click on your username to find it. Can you send me a linky? x

  2. Just make sure tomorrow you get back on track, and don't let food control you. You can make it work, stay strong x

  3. Today was only one bad day in your journey sweetheart. Sometimes having the ones we love around us when we are feeling urges is the best for not acting on them. Tomorrow you can start again. Stay strong.