Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Awful Evening

I had such a good day yesterday, it was such a lovely day. Then within the space of about a hour in the evening things started to change. I felt so sad, I wanted to take a overdose and I haven't felt like that in a long long time. I was hearing things, very psychotic and depressed. I had no feelings, I was just totally numb. I took some pericyazine and now I have woken up and I feel really strange and I cannot see properly. I think I have a medication hangover.

Mummy is worried about me so I am going over there today to keep safe and I have packed up my new book and some beads. I made a little mouse last night as my first attempt. Its cute :)


  1. Awww sweetie, I'm sorry you had such a rough night :( *hugs* That mouse is very cute! I hope you have a better day today, relaxing and beading xxxx

  2. <3 Hope you start feeling better, yes keep safe love.
    Take care as well okay, much love xx

  3. It's great that you were able to ride it out and distract yourself with your new book. The mouse is really cute, by the way.
    I know things have been tough but just keep reminding yourself that they will always get better!

  4. I hope you start feeling a bit better soon. I had that urge last night as well. I'm glad that you didn't give into it. Such a cute beaded mouse =) I hope your day goes ok.