Monday, April 8, 2013

I start proper therapy Wednesday

I start proper therapy on Wednesday...yet I have put on so much weight from binging the last few weeks I just want to diet if I am honest. Its a tough fact its confusing me. I keep binging so badly I am scared to admit I have put on approximately 7lbs - woah! I can really notice it too. I am not being sick to the ratio of what I am eating and even so, as I have learnt in pre-therapy being sick doesn't get rid of even half the calories.
So what am I going to do about it? I am going to go along to therapy but this sounds terrible but when they weigh you each week I want them to be shocked I am loosing weight. But then again I am only cheating myself. Ugh....I am so confused.


  1. First, well done on starting therapy sweetheart :) I'm so so so proud of you for taking such a big step.
    And honestly, as for the thoughts of dieting, I think you should wait a little. It's definitely something you should talk about with your therapist first. I worry that dieting at this point could set you back in your recovery, in one way or another.

    Lots of love to you pretty lady *hugs* xx

  2. Good luck on your therapy. I hope it goes ok for you. :3

  3. i think the best way would be to go along with therapy and pour your heart out. holding back is what you've been doing for so long, the only way you can really change is to be honest. once you get your eating back, your weight will naturally stabilize to what it should be. so try not to worry about it. good luck!

  4. therapy's the first step, babe. <3
    don't worry about putting on that half a stone. its just binge weight and binge weight comes as fast as it goes
    what my friend told me when i first tried to recover was that there are two parts of me: the one that wants to recover and the one that's resistant. just go with the recovery one because you do want this. binging only happens for people that used to starve themselves at some point before - it's your body's way of replenishing the nutrient it needs. once you've recovered, babe, i can assure you that you will not even have the ability to binge. you can overeat (yes), but you won't binge.
    -Sam Lupin <3

  5. Great job love! I'm super glad to hear you're in recovery! I know that you're experiencing those feelings and it's natural to worry. As you go through this process learn to eat healthy things, learn to love them, enjoy doing something active, and enjoy learning what limits you can push yourself to (in the good areas.) We're all behind you!

  6. So happy for you, hun! Just do your best, give it your most honest shot, and it will go well. Once your head is less of a mess, you'll be able to reach and maintain a healthy weight, the good way.
    Stay strong!

  7. Good luck, beautiful. Stay strong and keep your chin up. XoXo