Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Collasped and Sick of being Sick

I am so sick of being sick. I fainted in the chemist in the local shopping mall. I was taken in a first aid room and asked a billion questions about my food habits. Eventually when I got picked up by my boyfriend he was really upset with me for being sick so much today. We  had a bit of a argument but then he came round and was really nice and we sat and ate together, little bits at a time. I felt so safe and for the first time not alone. I really needed it.

I am so tired, stressed out from my degree and run down. My throat hurts from purging and my glands are up. I feel headachey, dizzy and to be honest dreadful all to then see somehow I have gained a pound on the scales!!?? I give up, I wish I wasn't such a fat fuck yet I cant bring myself to throw up today because I am in so much pain and I don't want to upset the boyfriend because I love him so much.


  1. Wow, how scary. I hope you're feeling a bit better. I'm sorry that you're having a hard time lately. Keep your head up.

  2. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time. Are you getting any kind of treatment for the purging, as it sounds like you've got caught up in a loop with it