Saturday, November 24, 2012

It's a NEW day!

Morning followers :) Yes! Its a new day and you can make it a perfect day. I am quite excited because I have promised myself not to binge or purge but to have a good day.

I got on the scales this morning and I am the same, so yesterday didn't do too much damage.

Thank you for all your comments yesterday, you have inspired me to start again today :D xx


  1. "Its a new day and you can make it a perfect day" - thank you, this has just inspired me, and I WILL make it a perfect day! That's good that yesterday didn't do much damage, and I hope you have a fab day today:) xx

  2. in exactly the same boat! :) i PROMISE i won't binge, its is a coping mechanism we don not need!!!!! good luck!!


  3. Hi,
    thanks for following!
    And yay! Good luck on your no b/p goal! Keep us updated on your success.

  4. Congrats on not letting yesterday drag you down. That's wonderful. I love your excitement that you carry for today. Stay beautiful.