Saturday, November 24, 2012

Unplanned Day

I haven't really had the day I was expecting...
I had a reasonable breakfast - a breakfast muffin with marmalade
For lunch we took my boyfriends little brother for a carvery. I chose not to have any meat, I had a plate of vegetables but that included 3 roast potatoes, 2 massive yorkshire puddings and vegetable gravy. For afters we stopped at Mc Donald's and I had the KitKat Mc Flurry.
I am not going to eat dinner but I have certainly had more calories then I planned today. Does anyone know roughly how many?


  1. I'm terrible at guessing calories if it's something I have never had before. But to me it sounds like you've had around 700? That may be way off, so don't go by what I say lol. But a McFlury does sound amazing. Stay strong my dear.

  2. muffin~ 250
    marmalade~ 60
    vegetables~ 50
    roast potatoes~ 250
    yorkshire puddings~ 500
    gravy~ 70
    kitkat mcflurry~ 390

    = around 1570 calories..?

    So it's not too bad for an unplanned day, if you're not planning on eating dinner then your intake so far hopefully won't make you gain! :) xx

  3. I have looked and the bread muffin was 150. So my guess is about 1400. Thanks girls xx