Sunday, December 16, 2012


My boyfriend just left to go to work and I rushed to the cupboards. I could not stop eating, its like its addictive. I then rushed to the toilet and purged until the calmness and dizziness rushes through me.

I am now sitting here feeling a mixture of emotions - guilt, a failure but also calmness and contentment.

I am joining a group in the new year from a eating disorder charity. I am quite nervous about the journey I am making to recovery. Am I really ready? Or will I never be ready though?


  1. Sounds like you're really dedicating yourself to recovery! It's scary, but the sooner you get into it the sooner you get out of it. You're making a very brave choice and I hope you stick with it! :)

  2. Recovery is so indimidating, but it sounds like somewhere in your heart, you want it. I'm sorry about the b/p session, but at least you felt calm afterwards. Stay strong sweetie and keep working towards recovery.

  3. It takes time to establish new habits. Don't be hard on yourself. It sounds like you are trying to make efforts to change and that's the most important thing. Stay strong!