Thursday, December 13, 2012

So today's healthy, sensible, no binge, no purge day!

I am going to log what I eat today so I am not tempted to binge and I promise I won't be sick today :)

Breakfast: Honey nut cornflakes (179), semi skimmed milk (25) and sweetener (4)

Lunch: Homemade smoothie with banana and strawberries (243) , fat free bio strawberry yoghurt (89) and orange juice (84) and a small baguette with butter (150)

Afternoon snack: Homemade rice pudding (94) and strawberry jam (50)

Dinner: Egg (92) and toast (109) glass of orange juice (84)

Total so far = 1203

How I am feeling: - I NEED to be sick. I feel shit. The voice in my head is chanting. It wants me to do what I am told :-(


  1. Good lucky lovely<3
    Keep up the good work : )

  2. Well done, keep at it love!
    Best wishes xx

  3. You're doing so well though. Good job =)

  4. DONT PURGE. If you purge, you'll binge and the cycle restarts. you've not eaten enough to gain, you've eaten enough to lose still, remember, any deficit is a loss. KEEP GOING YOU'VE GOT THIS xxxx

  5. Good luck darling, I hope you can make it with out purging. <3

    Thanks for your comments. Stay strong xx

  6. 1203 is great! If you stop yourself form purging I bet you'll feel ok in a couple hours and the scale should reflect that tomorrow. Yesterday i ate about the same and I felt really full for some reason but then I lost a pound. Weight is weird.

  7. Looks good from here. Watching the intake of fat will help keep the excess weight off.

  8. Hey Lucie, you are doing really well. I am trying the sensible eating thing as well today to prevent binging and to try to fix my messed up metabolism (as I now gain no matter what I do!). Try not to purge dear, it will be ok <3
    Alice xx

  9. DON'T PURGE!!! I'm rooting for you! <3

  10. stay strong sweetheart, you can do it! I nominated you for the Liebster blog award, the rules are in my latest post. all my support <3 xxxx