Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fed up with being fat

I have had enough.
I have had enough of being fat.
I have had enough of restricting.
I have had enough of binging.
I have had enough of purging.
I am fed up with my lips stinging from being sick and my throat throbbing.
I just want to be perfect :(


  1. I know how you feel sweetheart. I'm right there with you.

  2. I feel the same always :( wondering if it'll ever end

  3. an art. An on going struggle until it's in your hands. And once you have never let it go. So stay strong - good things come to those who wait =] xx

  4. and what is perfect? what will you do once you attain "perfection"? we become so obsessed with the journey that we purposely make the destination always just out of reach. Just 5 more lbs. 2 more inches. 1 more dress size. i hope you are happier tomorrow<3

  5. hello starshine, I'm sending you all my love and hugs and glitter. I'm sorry you feel so low, and I'm sorry you are stuck in this cycle. How would it be if you tried to eat 1200kcals a day, would you end up binging? Just I find when i can eat this, I lose weight slowly, but I don't binge half as often. I know we want to restrict and eat minimally, but sometimes if we can eat slightly more we actually see more of a loss? saying that i know i find it hard to do middle ground, so i understand if it isn't possible, just a thought. I love love you and I hope you feel better soon. dont give up hope, you'll get there xx