Monday, December 10, 2012

Appointments Appointments Appointments

...Firstly I have a mental health appointment this morning. I have decided a few weeks ago to wean myself off one of my medications (the anti-depressant) and I will be honest I feel dreadful. Flu-y, dizzy and really emotional! I had enough of taking so many medications and knew I couldn't come off the anti-psychotic so thought the anti-depressant one had to give. Anyway its going to be fun explaining this to the doctor and link worker this morning - hmmmm

Secondary I did phone the eating disorder clinic. I have a appointment in the new year....a two hour assessment!! I have bulimia but I am overweight and I am worried I wont qualify for any help because I aren't thin enough. My boyfriend thinks its a silly thought as people come in all shapes and sizes and eating disorders can effect anyone but.....I just still have this thought in my head.


  1. Well done on ringing the clinic, that is a massive step

    I had those fears too when I was going in to treatment, that I wasn't thin enough
    But there were people there from emaciated to obese and everything in between
    It's so much about the weight as it is the behaviours

    Take care x

  2. I agree with Ruby. When I was in treatment, there were overly obese girls, then there were the tiny ones. I hope it goes well today with your doctor and maybe they can find something that could work for you. Lots of love.

  3. Why are you weaning yourself from one of your meds?
    And I agree with Ruby. If they have limited space they might not put you in inpatient treatment but they will definitely give you something because you deserve the help.

  4. most bulimics are normal or overweight so it wont affect ur help. when i saw the ed team i was normal weight. love u starshine xxx

  5. A lot of bulimics are overweight. I was when I went to treatment. It was very triggering to be in treatment with anna girls. Best of luck to you, it helped me in a lot of ways, not so much in others. Everyone can benifit from therapy!

  6. I agree with the above comments, people with bulimia come in many sizes, please don't feel that you aren't thin enough to seek help. Two hours is a long time, good luck dear <3
    Alice xx