Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bulimia Poem - THE TRUTH

Its a cycle you can't escape
It all happened age 13 - after the rape

Chanting fills my head and guilt and disgrace
Its degrading when the sick splashes back in your face

Pushing vomit down the shower plug with your toes
Running the taps so nobody knows

Hiding vomit in lunch boxes under your bed
Hoping the pounds will quickly shred

Dirty public toilets degrade you
Your teeth are chipped and see-through

Wetting yourself when your throwing up
The corners of your lips are sore and cut

All that money on food wasted
The food that was never really tasted

You hate this eating disorder, yet you love it so much
Its the only way to cope, its your only clutch


  1. P.S. I aren't a very good writer like some of you but this just came out as I was writting. Sorry if it doesn't follow poetry rules x

  2. I think it's a very good dipiction of bulimia. You did a good job sweetie.

  3. This is so sad, but honest and that is what makes it beautiful and specific to you.
    Hope you are well xx

  4. I sat here nodding my head in agreement with every single line. it's beautiful and perfectly written. <3

  5. i had tears in my eyes Lucie.. its such a vicious cycle,yet so dear to most of us..