Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day One on the HSGD

Day One on the HSGD (Allowed unlimited fruit and vegetables plus 900 calories)

Breakfast - Porridge with semi skimmed milk (225 calories)

Lunch - Tortilla Wrap (183 calories) with salad (free) and Tortilla chips (244 calories)

Dinner - Two sesame burger buns (320 calories) and Apple (free)

Total = 972 calories

Purged = Twice


  1. Yay, I'm starting the HSGD today too! It'll really help me stick to it since you're doing it too. Great job on day 1 :)

  2. Question, why do they let fruits and veggies be freebies? Just because it keeps you from eating dessert?

  3. Great job on your first day! That's wonderful! Keep up the good work! Lots of love.

  4. Hey Lucie! I've had study buddies before, never had diet buddies though, should be interesting :) No worries about mixing up the days, I think the amount of calories are all pretty random anyways. I know what you mean about binging and purging, it's the exact same for me. I'm really hoping that this will allow me to control myself a bit more, though I think that I will always be a purger at heart, not the restricting type. But, oh well, I'm willing to give it a shot and so happy to be giving it a go together :) Thank you for the antacid tip, I'll give it a try. And, yeah, don't worry, I totally don't judge other people's weight, purely my own. I'm sorry to hear about your past relationship, though, that really sucks. I'm glad that you're in a more positive one now. I comfort eat too, it's terrible. I'm part Italian, so I was raised in a way where food is just everything. Anyways, happy to have my first diet buddy! We've got this! :) xxxx

  5. Yup, I totally agree. I just meant that I think whether you 800 today and 900 tomorrow or vice versa doesn't really matter much. but, yeah, agreed regarding the ABC. I would love to be that strong, but I really don't think I'm there yet.