Sunday, January 20, 2013


I have decided that my mental health condition rules and controls me.
Why should I quit my degree because of it?
So I have reconsidered....

I really hope I will make the right decision because the thought of starting it again, worries me sick yet I am so angry with not being able to full fill my dreams because of anxiety and depression.

I brought a self help book yesterday, I read the first chapter and it described someone's typical day as a Bulimic and it hit me for the first time. I have Bulimia.....I do exactly what the book says..... :(


  1. Good for you Luc! You deseeve to have your degrees and deserve to have a better life. The book will be an eye opener and a blessing all at the same time. Don't worry okay? One day at a time.

  2. Good luck miss Lucie, I hope the book helps. It would be fantastic if you're able to continue study, but please don't push yourself too much.
    Take care of you <3 xxxx

  3. yes omg
    you do deserve your degree and your life and you'd realise that when you get through with this bulimia that you will think that there is nothing you can't do because you are able to do everything
    and you are, beautiful
    you are able to do so much. you are so capable and i hope that this'll work for you. you will slip and fall but you can always go back on this train again. :)
    im just so happy you really deserve this lovely
    i hope it all helps :)
    -Sam Lupin

  4. I have a book that's similar to this called Overcoming Low Self Esteem. Hope your book helps you as much as mine helped me!

  5. It's a great book from what I've heard. I hope your decision takes you on the path that you've always wanted. Lots of love.