Friday, January 4, 2013

HSGD Day Five

Yes! I have lost a pound :) well maybe even two but it depends if I take my pyjama bottoms off or not. Today I am going to upload a photo of everything I eat to motivate me not to here goes...

Breakfast - Mini wheatabix in semi-skimmed milk (200 cals) and a banana (free)
Lunch - Plain wrap (187 cals), salad (free) and small amount of cheese (50 cals) and a chocolate mousse (118 cals)
Snacks - Pear (free) and strawberry flakes with a yogurt coating (121 cals)
Dinner - 1 egg (92) on 2 slices of toast (186 cals) with a Weight Watchers mini roll (87 cals) - sorry no photo, I forgot!

Total - 1041 Oh bum! I have gone over but I haven't binged or purged so I think its still be a successful day :)


  1. think im just going to have to get a banana when i get off this train now nomnomnom!! looks yummie and congrats xxx

  2. Yum, everything looks so good! Yesterday was such a disaster food-wise, trying to get back on track today.

  3. that is awesome, the wrap looks crazy delicious. keep it up :) xxxx

  4. Looks yummy! Good luck with dinner xx

  5. Congratulations on losing a pound, and congratulation on not binging and purging! :) I'm so happy for you. That wrap looks yummy, too :)

    Take care sweetheart:)

  6. yum... you're making me hungry...
    also I love your spoon in the first one. We only have boring silvery silverware.

  7. It all looks so delicious.
    You have a new follower ;)
    Good luck