Thursday, January 3, 2013

All I Can Think About.....

All I can think about is food, food, more food, calories, my eating disorder, purging, binging and so on....
Its completely absorbed me and I am finding it distressing and hard to deal with.
I feel so alone too. No one understands me :( 


  1. I get it :( just woke ip, 7:30 am, first thing I thought about. I just wanna talk to someone and I just feel so isolated. Thinking of you. <3

  2. I know, it's the same for me. I binged this morning. All I can think about, ever, is food. I feel like if my friends knew how obsessed I am, they would think I was crazy. So I totally get you. Don't feel too alone. I hope you had a good day. xx

  3. We all understand you here sweetie. That's why you write, so we can all offer words of encouragement and tell you that it will be ok. Love you darlin.

  4. so many others are thinking the same things - they're just not saying it out loud. trust me. i look around at what everyone else is eating, dwell on my own intake, think of how others see my body, think of how much i hate it, notice pounds packed out to my peers, envy any pounds that are lost by then, too. it's frustrating. you are anything but alone, my dear.

  5. I'm sorry. Hang in there, xx