Wednesday, January 2, 2013

HSGD Day Three

I missed a day so I am on Day Three of the HSGD and I am allowed 900 calories and unlimited fruit and vegetables.

So today's intake (so far) -

Breakfast - One slice of bread toasted (169 calories) with a egg (88 calories)
Lunch - A tortilla wrap (182 calories) - I know its strange to eat it plain but I love them!
Dinner - 1/2 ricotta cheese and spinach pizza (397 calories)

Total so far - 836 calories


  1. Way to go!
    Yeah, I will say that today is day 3 too, or else it will get too confusing, you're right.
    No, not from the UK. Never been either, though I would like to go visit some day :)

  2. You are doing so well!!! Great intake for the day. Keep up all the hard work!