Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Start

I will be honest, I aren't doing very well on this HSGD. I am so consumed about calories, I keep over eating and going over slightly, then feeling guilty and rubbish.

I am sorry for my post last night, I am really stressed out if I am honest at the moment. I have this piece of coursework due in tomorrow and I don't even understand it for a start.

Need to think positively though and see today as a new start. Make a to-do list and keep taking photographs of what I am eating as this does motivate me :)

Thank you girlies for everything, your all so amazing and I so appreciate your comments. Lots of Lucie Love xx


  1. Hang in there Lucie and try not to be so hard on yourself. You are doing your best and that's what counts.

    Be gentle with yourself
    Be kind to yourself
    Stay strong x

  2. awww, yes, love!
    you shouldn't put a set limit. when you put a limit, you are nearly always destined to fail because you can go through 30 or 50 or whatever days without fucking up once. (sorry, love. harsh truth. <3. i've restarted like ABC 900 times.)
    -Sam Lupin

  3. Maybe look at what you're eating not the calorie amount? It might not make you feel guilty if you look at that :) xx

  4. I've discovered that counting calories doesn't work until I've already got some success. It causes so much stress and I can't think of anything except calories/food/body. It usually results in emotional over-eating. And then I feel worse.

    Maybe try eating as much fruits and veg as you want and not counting kcals for a few days, while you get your course work done??

    Good luck deary!

  5. I love your idea of taking the pictures of what you eat because it is very motivating. A new start is always good. Don't worry about overthinking too many things, I do that all the time. Keep your head up darling.

  6. The HSGD is a tricky one. Because you are either worrying about if you're going to go over your aloud amount of calories, or under. I think you're brave for giving it a try :) Stay lovely.

  7. I use to think the HSGD diet was a good idea because the calorie limits aren't too low (if you be sure to eat lots of fruit and veg as well), but I've realised that any calorie limit is a bad idea. It just creates more stress and like people above have said, you're always working out how much more you can have or feeling upset when you go over.
    Maybe you could try planning small regular meals instead and ignoring calories, as long as the meals are healthy and good portions?
    Take care dear <3
    Alice xx