Sunday, January 6, 2013


Today has been a difficult one.
I have made a decision to quit my degree because the stress is too much with my mental health,
I have fallen out with a close friend who wasn't practically nice to me about it,
I have had a panic attack,
And generally felt pretty rubbish about myself as I feel like a failure.

I think the plan is.....

I quit my degree
I do more voluntary work but locally (possibility of a activities support worker in a old peoples home)
Do short art courses in future not degrees!!

P.S. Sorry for all the negativity recently! I just need to let it out by writting but I am sorry you all read it xx


  1. If you feel like that's what you need to do for your mental state, then you go girl. I'm sorry that you had a falling out with your friend. That's always tough. I hope you get to start to feeling better my dear.

  2. I had to quit my degree, and it's such a good thing... I was literally driving myself mad. If I go back it will be just one course at a time. I'd rather actually learn something well than just rush and panic. hugs deary.

  3. I don't think you should be upset at all. If it wasn't for you then it's as simple as that. I've chose not to go to college at all. It's just not my thing and I'm not ashamed or anything and I hope you aren't either. Well she must not be the bestest friend for not being accepting.
    Good luck with all though<3 Always here for ya!

  4. Do what you think is best for you, can't ever go wrong there! I hope it helps darling.
    All my love, best wishes xx

  5. Do what you need to sweetie. You certainly don't need any more stress or pressure right now, so it might be for the best. I hope it helps, and you feel a little better soon <3

  6. You're health is your main concern. If the degree isn't for you right now and is causing you stress then drop it. Who knows in a few years time you might want to give it another go when you're in a better place.


  7. Whatever you've got to do. Remember, mentality must stabilize before you're able to function properly. With a mental instability you can't really focus on your degree. Take your time, and continue when you feel you can manage it.

    Take care x

  8. As long as your sure. If you're struggling too much to function then it's a waste. Just remember it's hard to go back later when or if you decide to. I hope it's the right choice and I hope you feel better!

  9. Hey, I think you are so brave for quitting. If it's not making you happy then why do it? Don't feel like a failure for making a positive change in your life :)
    Good luck with your new plans sweetie!
    Alice xx

  10. Aww...I'm so sorry for your bad day! But guess what? I Kinda have to believe that what is supposed to happen will happen for you...and tomorrow is a new day! Thanking of you!♥

  11. what was your degree in? Getting degrees isn't for everybody, and if you feel you must quit then you should quit. Don't let it drain your spirit.