Monday, January 28, 2013

Recovery! Meal Plans! Course!

First steps for recovery today. I have written out a meal plan and I must try to stick to it to avoid binges and effectively stops me being sick so much. It's bloody hard though....
I go to a Eating Disorder self harm minimisation course on Thursday. I am unsure what to expect? Anyone else ever been on one of these? Its a pre-course before proper therapy happens.


  1. No idea what to expect. Let us know what happens! I've never heard of that kind of thing before.

  2. I've never heard of one of those before. But I'm so glad to hear that you made a meal plan and plan on sticking to it. That's so awesome hun.

  3. I love writing out meal plans. It takes so much anxiety out of eating when you know what to expect. I've never heard of that course either, though. Sounds like its just going to be really informational.

    Good luck and I'm excited to hear all about it later :)

  4. i have to recover on my own so ive never really heard that
    good luck, Lucie, babe. i know you can do it. you're human so you can xo that's how people are supposed to think in my eyes anyway. we humans are capable of doing so much.
    -Sam Lupin

  5. Yeah, it's because they worry self harm will increase if ed decreases, I didn't have to go to one because I have my cpn but that's the theory and increased self harm defeats the purpose of recovery xxxx

  6. Stick to the meal plan. It may be hard, but it is for the best. It will stop you from binging and purging... Dont let the voice in your head control you. The doctors/nurses/staff know what they are doing.
    Never been to a self harm minimisation course, but im sure it would have helped me... :/ I had to stop jsut from my own inner strength/will and determination.

  7. Good luck sweetie, with today and with the course. I love making meal plans ^_^

  8. So happy for you!