Friday, December 21, 2012


Today I have been feeling a lot better. I have felt more with it and not psychotic. I haven't wanted to hurt myself so many times either.
I had a problem this evening, I went to be sick and my body just rejected it. Nothing would come out and my throat hurt so much. Blood splashed in the toilet and I felt scared. My lips cracked and sore too.


  1. Blood is always scary. I experienced that today as well. But I'm glad that you are feeling a bit better today. Stay strong.

  2. Oh dear, that is scary. Maybe you should see a doctor about it?

  3. Blood is definitely not a good thing. Did you scratch yourself maybe? Or was it an actual tear in your throat or stomach? I'm guessing not because either of those would hurt like hell but you should consider where it came from. Because the last thing you want is a tear on your insides.

  4. I remember the first time I purged. I was so bad at it and all I did was jam my fingers to my throat. When I looked at my fingers, it was covered in blood and I was scared to death but I couldn't ask anyone for help haha
    But I looked it up and I probably just scratched my throat.