Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Sale Shopping

I ventured out again with my mummy to the sales after yesterdays disaster and not let it beat me. I got some really good bargains :)

Before I start I brought these shoes for £10 yesterday

I got these pretty ballet pumps for £8.

I got these shoes for going out for meals/cinema etc in for £5.

I got two cardigans one navy blue and one red (I can't find a picture for these) for £10 each.

I then got this gorgeous night dress for £20 however it doesn't look as good as it does on me compared to the model :(

I struggle to find bras that fit me because I am a G cup and they end up being a fortune however managed to get two bras for £12 each and matching knickers too. I could only find one picture of one of the underwear sets unfortunately. The other one is nicer!

I haven't had a good day at eating better today. In fact its been pretty terrible. I really want to start the HSGD (Healthy Skinny Girl Diet) tomorrow. If anyone would like to join me let me know :) You can unlimited fruit and vegetables too which is good xx


  1. oooo lovely bits you bought , besides I bet this night dress look awesome on you.Good luck with the diet, I wish I could join , but unfortunately it is impossible at the moment. Love xoxo

    1. Aww I love all those shoes you got!:) And I'll definitely join you in the HSGD, hopefully I can keep it up! Much love xxx

  2. Haha sorry didn't mean to leave that as a reply to the other comment - my phone can't handle blogger very well! xx

  3. I'm a kind of odd bra size too... I have to order mine online or maybe I could take a couple hundred mile road trip and maybe find one? Or maybe not... Not worth the drive to find out. Damn you 32dd! Not sure what that is in anything other than US size...

  4. Those are gorgeous. I love the ballet pumps especially!
    I used to have troubles with finding bras too. I wore a 32F at my normal weight, they were impossible to find! It's great you found some on sale though :)

    Good luck with the diet hun, I hope you get the results you want.